Daily Mail use Location 63 for photoshoot location

We are thrilled that the Daily Mail have been using our London location house for a photoshoot location, and this week they published the pictures shot here at Location 63. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Mail, Claire Waxman, the mother-of-two stalked for 12 years by a former TV executive revealed the devastating toll of his obsession. Her photoshoot location was here at our London location house, and our blue sofa, popular with many photographers who use the house, had a starring role. We look forward to welcoming the Daily Mail for more photoshoots soon. If you are looking for a photoshoot location and are interested in using Location 63, get in touch to find out more and check... read more

The strangest thing I ever saw in my living room – stories from a London location house

One of the most amazing things about running a location house is all the different people that you get to meet and talk to in your living room. Still, I was a bit taken aback to walk into my living room during a fashion shoot today and see this! That said, part of what I love about Location 63 are all our quirky props and it was lovely to see some of the props being used for this set up, part of a Barbie inspired shoot. And trust me, the photograph taken by the fashion photographer looks a lot better than the image I... read more

London location house welcomes author Tina Seskis for a photoshoot

Our lovely London location house Location 63 was thrilled today to welcome author Tina Seskis for a photoshoot for a national newspaper. We made Tina and the crew feel at home with cups of tea and cake (it was a half day afternoon shoot only) and they took a series of photos in the London location house living area and garden. Tina looked stunning in her pictures, and hopefully really enjoyed the afternoon. We can’t wait to see the photos in the paper! And Tina’s brand new novel, When We Were Friends, is out now. Click to find out more about Tina Seskis  ... read more

Photoshoot for stylist Georgina Davies at Location 63

We love the images of personal shopper Georgina Davies shot on location here at Location 63. The photoshoot was for her website, and she wanted a ‘home from home’ look for her shoot, for which our location house was ideal. You can see the final results of her images on her website at www.brightonstylist.co.uk... read more

ITV newsreader Mary Nightingale photoshoot at Location 63

We were thrilled to welcome Mary Nightingale to Location 63 to have her pictures done by celebrity photographer Steve Poole for her new website. Steve bought his own pop up white backdrop, and the kitchen table provided the perfect place for Mary to have her hair and make up done. Her new website, featuring the images taken at Location 63, is live here. We made this behind the scenes video of Mary Nightingale’s shoot so we could show you Location 63 in... read more