Location 63 in B&Q ad

We were thrilled to be chosen as the location for the latest B&Q ad, ‘Let’s create colour’. Our living room was decorated by the crew to the bright red colour, and a fake wall put up for the wallpaper. In all, the lovely team from B&Q were here for 3 days and did a sterling job painting our living room back to normal. We we’re all very excited to see the house on TV! Watch the advert below and you can see the end... read more

Welcome, Youtube channel Pretty Upfront!

We were thrilled to welcome Youtube channel Pretty Upfront to our London location house in July. They turned our living room into a lovely make up area and gave us a quick lesson in lighting for video while they were at it! If you run a Youtube channel and are looking for a location in London to shoot your videos, look no further. Our house is the ideal place for YouTube shoots! Get in touch with us for a competitive... read more

Oi oi, is that Madeline Shaw in our location kitchen?

Oh yes it is! And we were thrilled to host the Youtube Channel Wild Dish in our location kitchen earlier this month. Rather than bang on here about how great our location kitchen is, about how its the only location kitchen worth booking, about how we can easily sort parking for your location kitchen, about how the Wild Dish crew loved it….. oh no we won’t go on about that! We’ll just show you their video and if you like our location kitchen, you can book... read more

Grab a copy of this month’s Essential’s magazine – our location house is in it!

We love nothing more here at London location house than when happy customers who have used our house for a photoshoot send us copies of the final images. We welcomed Essentials magazine for a craft photoshoot earlier this year and the images they shot at our house are out in this month’s issue. You can see a couple here. As is often the case, our rocking horse Darcy made an... read more

Fashion shoot at our location house

Today we had a fashion shoot at our location house with Guardian fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley. And all we can say is that we wish we had room in our London location house wardrobe for all the fabulous clothes which arrived in our living room. All of these bags were filled with the most amazing clothes! The team had a fabulous time doing their shoot, we enjoyed a quick nosey at the clothes and we can’t wait to see the shoot in the newspaper in a few weeks time!... read more

We’re in the Metro newspaper!

Did you see this article about Location 63 in the Metro newspaper this week? If you missed, it click to read the article about our London Location House in full. In the article, the Metro journalist described the scene with a film crew arriving early in the morning ready to film a commercial. We also talked props, house size, and tips for anyone else wanting to turn their property into a location house! Thanks to Oliver Stallwood at the Metro from a fantastic... read more

Location house kittens enjoy shoot with TV presenter

We loved having Andrea Catherwood here at Location 63 recently to have a set of photos taken for her new website. And our fairly new location house kittens loved it even more, here is one of them getting in on the action! As you can see, the photographer bought a pop up backdrop, for which there was plenty of space in our location house. And always keen on good service, we greeted Andrea with coffee, croissants and fresh orange juice. A great day was had by all the photoshoot, especially the kittens. Check out the finished (kitten free) images at Andrea Catherwood’s new official website... read more

Baked in our location kitchen – Britain’s most gravity defying cake

We loved hosting the Daily Mail’s fabulous Jan Moir in our location kitchen, where she set to work creating THIS fantastic gravity-defying cake in our kitchen. And we were even more thrilled after she left when we opened our fridge door to discover the below! And yes, it was delicious (although most of it was donated to the summer fete at a local school!) If you need a location kitchen for a food shoot, come to Location 63! Our location kitchen has already been used for a TV commercial. You can see more pictures of our location kitchen... read more

Food photo shoot in our location kitchen

We were thrilled to have the Daily Mail recently book our location kitchen for a food shoot to make what must be the world’s most incredible cakes. Here’s their photographer at work in our location kitchen taking some images for the article. Our location kitchen is really popular with our clients. It has sleek grey units, industrial lights, an large island and a trendy scaffold shelf. It is very light and bright with plenty of natural light coming in from the folding sliding doors and roof lights. Click to see more pictures of our location kitchen. Our location kitchen will soon be seen on TV in an advert for the cream brand Elmlea. Keep an eye out for it on... read more

Craft photoshoot at London location house Location 63

We loved playing host to the shoot for the brand new website of Portobello Popins, who organise drop in ‘Crafternoons’ and drama classes in Notting Hill. They bought a load of children, and staged a ‘Crafternoon’ class at our London location house, while a photographer captured these great images for their new website. The shoot took place on a Saturday which meant the children that live here (not normally seen or heard of during bookings) were able to take part in the kid-friendly activities.... read more

Final year students from London College of Fashion shoot at London location house

Here at Location 63, we are booked by all sorts of people with all sorts of different projects in mind. Recently, a group of final year students from the London College of Fashion booked the house for a fashion shoot for a project they called Bad Barbie. Not only were the students impeccably behaved, and a joy to have at the house, but they also sent us through a set of their final images for our website. What we loved on the day was seeing the students work their way around the entire house and garden using as many of our different spaces and props as they could, from the attic bedroom and rocking horse to our neon light and garden! It’s always good to see the location house put fully to work for a fashion shoot. If you’re looking for a quirky venue for a fashion shoot with plenty of space, props, natural light and a garden, get in touch with us for a quote. Email natasha@natashacourtenaysmith.com... read more

Props at Location 63

Here at Location 63, we love quirky bits and pieces, and we particularly love it when our props get used in our client’s shoots. We are thinking of starting a competition to see how many people can fit Darcy our authentic English vintage rocking horse into shoots. Here she is all dolled up for an arts & crafts photoshoot for a women’s magazine. We can’t wait to see her in the magazine itself. If you want to use Darcy, or any other our other quirky props, then they are all available to you. Darcy in particular is building her own portfolio of media appearances, so she would request that you definitely consider her for your shoot.... read more

Location house for commercials

We loved having a huge crew in the house yesterday filming a commercial in our kitchen and family dining area for a well-known dessert brand. As you can see, they took over the entire house, light our kitchen as thought it was a beautiful sunny day and then set to work filming their commercial. An upstairs bedroom was transformed into a hair & make up room, and the 8 extras for the shoot hung out in the loft until they were needed where a lot of fun and laughter could be overheard going on! We can’t wait to see the location house for commercials on the actual television later this year. If you are looking for a location house for commercials, get in touch by filling out the form on the contact page or emailing... read more

Is there room for a full backdrop at Location 63?

In a word – and as this picture testifies – yes! We host plenty of editorial photoshoots at Location 63, and most of our clients tend to use the living room itself as a backdrop, before then putting up a white backdrop. We often get used ‘is there room for a backdrop’ so we thought we’d show you this backdrop from a recent photoshoot for the Daily Mail! So fear not – your backdrop will fit at Location... read more